Our organization focuses solely on mobilization, education, engagement and registration of young enthusiastic voters. 


Our organization focuses solely on mobilization, education, engagement, and registration of young enthusiastic voters.


To create equity within our democracy for every citizen in our growing society.

The future

The future of Bike N Vote is an organization with several members of the community working together to empower the younger generations amongst peers and progressive leaders. Our organization will be the headquarters for leaders to organize and execute creative community initiatives with a solid foundation. 

We foster an environment of community with the same core values and uplifting agendas. Bike N Vote is a safe space for young entrepreneurs to build relationships with local leaders to execute properly for the people of their community. Bike N Vote allows every person a seat at the table without judgement or economic status. 

Being a part of Bike N Vote will be the power within itself. Our donors and members have a responsibility to be a part of building this organization by contributing each month to our events. Our goal is to increase our membership each month by 20%. Donors across the country will be updated at least twice a year on the budget increase and member increase. 

Being creative is a huge part of our marketing and fundraising agenda. Our aim is low overhead, high engagement and relatability.

Young People Vote is a nonpartisan 501 (c)(3), state-based civic engagement and movement building organization working year-round to create a more accessible, inclusive, and representative democracy for young people of color. Over the past 2 years, Young People Vote, in partnership with Bike N Vote, has engaged and registered those young people that believe that their voices have been muzzled in the democratic process