About Bike N Vote

Our organization focuses solely on mobilization, education, engagement and registration of young enthusiastic voters.

Bike N Vote started as an entertaining piece to get people excited about voting. The biking community across the country continues to grow and we want to grow with it. Biking comes with health benefits and it is considered a form of transportation for some.

Voting is a part of our right as humans and our ancestors fought for years to uphold the integrity and equity of the vote. We must continue those efforts throughout the years. The marriage between the two allows people with those individual commonalities to organize together and become one.

We want to increase participation in every local election using our unique stylized techniques. 

We understand that closing the race and age gap in participation won’t be easy but our work is dedicated to that mission through our grassroots tactics, social media creativity, and strategic partnerships, which allows people to have the power over politics, as it was designed to do.

Our youth programs will expose and educate proper voting habits early on, exposing them to laws and policies that are included in everyday life that’s also powered by a vote.

“Our vision is building a future of leaders and forward thinkers within the political system.”

“To create equity within our democracy for every citizen in our growing society.”